Traveling to Cuba is like going back in time. There is nothing like strolling the  streets of Old Havana, and gazing up at the historic fortresses and cathedrals that rise up from its cobblestone streets. Pristine, shiny Ford sedans and Chevrolets, built in the U.S. in the 1950's, grace Cuba's highways and parking lots.  During our tours, we will visit historic and well-known sites including the famous Bay of Pigs.

A trip to Cuba also offers us a unique opportunity to spend quality time with locals. Staying in Casas Particulares - private homes with rooms rented out by the owners - will give us a chance to swap stories and learn about life in Cuba firsthand. Dining in locally-owned restaurants will be a gastronomical delight, and will give us more chances to meet locals and learn about their culture and cuisine.

But the real highlight of our Cuba birding tour is, of course, the local avifauna. Home to over 20 viable endemic species and several near-endemics, we will traverse this great island to search for Cuban Tody, Cuban Trogon, Zapata Wren, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Solitaire, Fernandina's Flicker and Oriente Warbler. These are just a few of the endemics we can see here.


Why travel to Cuba?

  • Great chances to see all 24 viable endemic and 15 near-endemic bird species
  • Birding in the Zapata Swamp, where we find some of Earth’s most range-restricted species, the Zapata Wren and Zapata Sparrow
  • Experience the grandiose view of hundreds of American Flamingos feeding in Tunas de Zaza
  • Bee Hummingbird – the world’s smallest bird!
  • Enjoy Cuba’s unique landscapes, such as the mogotes
  • Take in Cuban culture on the cobblestone streets of Havana
  • Spending our evenings in Casas Particulares with local Cuban families, a unique opportunity for cultural exchange
  • It offers great opportunities for photography


    We offer you two great options for exploring Cuba:

    1. Join our scheduled tour to Cuba for a 11-day journey across this biodiverse island.

    2. Work with us to create your own completely customized itinerary and thrill in a private tour just for you, or for a group of family and friends.



    Whitehawk strives to remain abreast of the latest laws and policies that affect U.S. travelers to Cuba. All our tours to this island are carried out under the "In Support of Cuban People" travel category and are completely legal for U.S. citizens. Contact us for more information about traveling to Cuba.

    Join us for a worry-free trip of a lifetime to Cuba!

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