About Whitehawk Birding

Whitehawk Birding & Conservation is a company specializing in customized birding and nature tours in Central America. It was founded by Marta Curti, Angel Muela and Yeray Seminario – three biologists with many years of field experience. Collectively, their work has brought them to all corners of the globe. Through their travels, they have seen the positive effects that birders and wildlife enthusiasts can have on the environment and local communities. This realization was the inspiration for Whitehawk.

Our mission is two-fold:
1. Promote wildlife and habitat conservation through environmental education and ecotourism.
2. Make every trip with our clients an extraordinary journey into the world of birds, nature and conservation.

The care of our clients is our top priority. Each itinerary is carefully planned and revised to offer our clients the best experience possible. From the moment you first enter our website to the end of your trip, we will take care of you with genuine concern and generosity.We believe the opportunity for rewarding travel should be available to everyone. Therefore, we do our best to offer affordable prices that still allow us to provide the highest quality trips to our clients. Finally, we believe that every trip should be a journey – one that is fun and rewarding and where everyone leaves satisfied. It is our goal to build lasting memories by promoting an environment of exploration and learning.

Part of our profits are directed toward local conservation projects that are working in favor of birds as well as in favor of local communities. We also believe in the healing effects of spending time in nature. To that end, we offer specialized Ornitherapy tours as well as environmental education opportunities, via our Jr. Naturalist Program, in private and public schools in Panama.