VIDEO: Birding in Cuba with Whitehawk

We can’t seem to get enough of Cuba birding these days. Our tours in this vibrant country always amaze us in so many ways. Cuba is a destination for everyone – with stunning scenery, incredible bird life, endemics galore, cultural integrity and delicious food, to say the least. In Cuba, there seem to be surprises to our delight around every corner. Check out our new video featuring birding in this amazing Caribbean destination!

As you can see, not only is Cuba a top destination for birders, but it is an excellent place for wildlife photographers. There are fantastic photographic opportunities throughout the entire tour – for birds and wildlife, and also beautiful scenery, both in the city and in Cuba’s diverse natural habitats.

During our tour, we travel under “Support for the Cuban people” – one of the twelve categories allowed for legal travel by U.S. citizens. We feel meeting and connecting with locals only enhances the trip experience. We stay in “casas particulares” throughout the tour, eat in local restaurants, learn from our local guides and visit local schools where we are able to visit with students and donate much-needed school supplies.

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Cuban Pygmy-Owl Whitehawk Birding
Cuban Pygmy-Owl, one of Cuba’s 24 viable endemics

Our next trip to Cuba is set for February 11-21, 2020. Join us for the ultimate Cuba birding experience! Contact us for more details.

~ Your friends at Whitehawk Birding

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Birding in Cuba with Whitehawk - Whitehawk Birding: This short video sums up just what the spectacle of birding in Cuba is all about.