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Amazing Birds: Fun Owl Facts

In Birding Curiosities by Whitehawk Birding

Owls are fascinating birds. They tuck themselves away during the day and emerge at night to hunt in the darkness. We do not often see them due to their nocturnal lifestyle, but every sighting of …

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Costa Rica Birding Challenge and some Owls

In Sightings by Whitehawk Birding

The Costa Rica Birding Challenge finished last week with an amazing number of birds seen or heard collectively: more than 550 species in over a week’s time. The Tico Tickers, Yeray‘s team, came in first …

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Stygian Owl Research by BRRI Team

In Conservation by Whitehawk Birding

In general, diurnal raptor species tend to be greater studied than their nocturnal counterparts.  However one organization, the Belize Raptor Research Institute, is changing all that. They are focusing a large part of their efforts …