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  • Duration

    12 days

  • Lodging

    3 - 4 stars

  • Difficulty


  • Group size

    Max. 8 people

  • Price

    USD $2,750 per person*

Spring is, without a doubt, the best season to go birding in Morocco. This is the time when the desert is teeming with life, due to the arrival of the much needed rains. Some of the most charismatic birds of the region will be breeding at this time, including the Greater Hoopoe Lark, the Desert Wheatear and the Houbara Bustard.

This is also the opportune moment to see some of the migratory species that cross the Sahara, while the peaks of the Atlas Mountains are covered in remnants of snow, creating a magical view of this landscape. Its beauty might be enhanced by the sight of a Bearded Vulture flying overhead, or the call of the Crimson-winged Finch.

In contrast to the rugged mountains, we will also find ourselves in the landscape of the Moroccan Atlantic Coast, famous for its wetlands where we will be able to see Marbled Duck and Red-knobbed Coot, and as a refuge for the last viable population of the endangered Northern Bald Ibis.

During our Morocco birding tour, we  will also delve into the fascinating culture and enjoy the wonderful gastronomic delights of the region. From the coast to the desert and from the desert to the mountains, this trip to Morocco promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves birds and nature.

  • Pharaoh Eagle-Owl Morocco

    Pharaoh Eagle-Owl

  • Desert Lark

  • Desert Sparrow

  • Cream-colored Courser

  • Black-eared Wheatear

  • Northern Bald Ibis

  • Long-legged Buzzard

  • Desert Wheatear

  • Barbary Macaque

  • The dunes of Erg Chebbi

  • Our hotel at the gates of the Sahara

  • Tinghir, near the famous Todra Gorge


Guide: Yeray Seminario
Single Supplement: TBD
Lodging: Comfortable hotels, among the best in the region
Food: Excellent Moroccan food
Weather: Cool in the mornings and evenings, it can be hot at mid-day
Difficulty: Easy. Short walks on mostly level surfaces throughout most of the trip.

* With smaller groups, an additional fee will be charged.



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