Fish, Flowers and Butterflies

Fish, Flowers and ButterfliesWhitehawk co-founder, Marta Curti, recently received a great honor. Her bilingual children’s book, Fish, Flowers and Butterflies, has been chosen as a main title for the National Library’s Traveling Backpack program here in Panama. The program, aimed at 2nd grade girls, is designed to promote literacy and a love for literature. Promoting education is part of Whitehawk’s mission and we are excited to be a part of this effort.

In this story, siblings Rita and Sammy want to give a special gift to their mother for her birthday. They have no money to buy her something, so instead they go outside to see what they can find. They come across some amazing things in nature, and think they would make great gifts for their mom. However, when Sammy and Rita attempt to take their findings from their habitat, the animal (or plant) sings a plea to stay in its natural environment. Rita and Sammy eventually decide to leave their discoveries in nature. Instead, they bring their mother on a walk to show her what they found. She finds it to be the best birthday gift ever!

Fish, Flowers and Butterflies also has a special connection to Panama. The significance the word “Panama” has natural presence. Two of the meanings of the word, from its indigenous roots, are “abundance of fish” and “abundance of butterflies.” Panama is home to amazing biodiversity, and it says so right in the name!

This sweet tale can be purchased on Amazon.

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