A Naturalist and other Beasts

For anyone dedicated to the world of conservation, George B. Shaller is more than just an idol. He is a legend. In his book, “A Naturalist and Other Beasts”, he guides us through the numerous projects on which he has embarked. He reveals the usually less than glamorous life of a field biologist. And shares his experiences over the fifty years he has worked to protect and conserve some of the worlds most emblematic species.

From his early work with Caribou in Alaska to his pioneering efforts with species that are now a symbol in the struggle for conservation, such as the Giant Panda or the Mountain Gorilla, whose plight would be made famous by Dian Fossey, to other lesser known species like the Snow Leopard or the fauna of the Tibetan plateau.

“A naturalist and other beasts” takes you to each of these places and shows how the effort and spirit of one person can accomplish great things. There is a great deal of literature on wildlife conservation, and this is one of the leading books about this important topic. Each deserve their praises, not only for the excellent books that they are, but especially for the projects and dedication the people have put forth for the conservation of species worldwide.

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