We found the elusive Snow Leopard!

A beautiful male snow leopard we observed in Hozing Valley, Hemis National Park

The elusive Snow Leopard is one of the rarest felines in nature. They live in the rugged mountains of Central Asia, where they are difficult to access. Their low numbers continue to be threatened by poaching and the illegal trade. Very few people have had the chance to observe this animal in the wild and even fewer have been able to photograph it.

Whitehawk is currently in northern India, leading a trip looking for these beautiful cats. We are happy to report that once again, our clients have been very fortunate and have seen at least one Snow Leopard nearly EVERY day of the tour. This is a good sign that the population is doing ok, and the local and international conservation efforts are effective.

We will be repeating this fantastic trip soon and encourage you to contact us if you are interested in participating. It is a truly life-changing experience to see a rare and elusive Snow Leopard in the wild.

Whitehawk donates 25% of its profits from this trip to the Snow Leopard Trust. The Snow Leopard Trust one of the leading organizations dedicated to the conservation of this endangered cat.

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