Humpback Whales give birth in Panama

Amazing view of a Humpback Whale in Panama
Amazing view of a Humpback Whale in Panama

Though Panama is well known for its tropical forests, colorful butterflies, abundant avifauna and impressive land mammals, one of its best-kept secrets is the opportunity it provides for excellent Humpback whale and dolphin watching.

Starting in mid-June, the Humpback Whales arrive to the shallow waters of the Pearl Islands Archipelago. They stop here to give birth to their calves. Female whales and their calves remain here until late October before continuing on with their migration. The Humpback Whale is found in oceans and seas all over the world. One of the amazing things about this species is that it can be seen fairly close to land and can be seen from shore. These beautiful marine mammals are often seen performing tail-slapping, spyhopping and impressive breaching. It is an amazing spectacle of nature!

This time of year is also a good time to see pods of Pantropical Spotted Dolphins and many species of sea birds, including Blue-footed and Brown boobies, colonies of Magnificent Frigatebirds, Black Skimmers and several species of terns and gulls. The Bay of Panama is always teeming with wildlife!

Next time you are in Panama, consider spending a day with the Humpback Whales and other marine wildlife. It will no doubt make a great addition to your birding experience! Contact us for more information.

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