Welcome to our environmental education resources page! Here you will find complimentary materials for learning about birds, nature and conservation. These fun learning activities are designed to be independently or together with our Junior Naturalist program curriculum. Feel free to browse our selection of quizzes, infographics, word puzzles, and coloring pages, they can be downloaded directly through this page. And don't forget to share with your colleagues, family, and friends! Be sure to check back frequently as we regularly add fun new activities for you to enjoy. All resources are free for non-commercial use by parents, teachers, environmental educators, and anyone who feels they and their students and children will benefit. These resources have been created in part through funding provided by the National Geographic Covid-19 Emergency Fund for Educators.

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Discover the world of birds by completing this fun word search.

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Learn all about Panama's birds and find them in the word search.

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Learn about India's amazing wildlife with this fun crossword.

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Get to know India's wildlife with this educational word search.

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Marvelous Mammals Crossword Puzzle Whitehawk Birding
Test your knowledge of some of our planet's most fascinating mammals.

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Birds of Bhutan Word Search Whitehawk Birding
Bhutan is home to some amazing birds, find them in this word search.

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Madagascar Nature Crossword Puzzle Whitehawk Birding
Learn about Madagascar's flora and fauna with this fun crossword.

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Madagascar Animals Word Search Whitehawk Birding
Learn about Madagascar's animals by completing this word search.

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Las Aves de Panama Sopa de Letras Whitehawk Birding
Descubre algunas de las aves más interesantes de Panamá.

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Adaptaciones Sopa de Letras Whitehawk Birding
Aprende sobre las adaptaciones de los animales para sobrevivir.

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Fauna Neotropical Sopa de Letras Whitehawk Birding
Conoce la fantástica fauna neotropical en esta sopa de letras.

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Biomas Crucigrama Whitehawk Birding
Pon a prueba tus conocimientos sobre los biomas de la Tierra.



Learn about these birds while you color their beautiful plumage! Our coloring pages include information about the bird, in both English and Spanish. 
Aprenda sobre estas aves mientras colorea su plumaje brillante! Estos páginas de colorear incluye información sobre la especie, en inglés y español.

Color this cute Shining Honeycreeper with vivid blues and yellows!

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Use bold red and turquoise to brighten up this Black-tailed Trogon!

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Keel-billed Toucans can be colored with almost every color of the rainbow!

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Use the subtle hues of the rainforest when coloring this Spectacled Owl!

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Learn about the main characteristics of a bird!

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You are what you eat! Learn about animal diets.

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Find out the difference between bird songs & calls.

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Discover nature using your five senses! 

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The Importance of Wetlands Infographic Whitehawk Birding
Wetlands help the Earth and humans in many ways. Find out how!

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Types of Vertebrates Infographic Whitehawk Birding
Learn all about the incredible diversity of vertebrate animals on Earth.

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The Journey of Bird Migration Infographic Whitehawk Birding
Follow a bird on its long journey! Learn all about bird migration.

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Where We Live Infographic Biome Ecosystem Habitat Niche Whitehawk Birding
Where we live - define biome, ecosystem, habitat, and niche.

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These quizzes are in PDF and are best viewed on a desktop or laptop. If using a tablet or phone, turn to landscape orientation for optimal viewing.
Test your bird knowledge with this fun Neotropical bird quiz!

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Learn about some of Cuba's endemic birds with this quiz.

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Discover Panama's amazing birdlife with this fun quiz!

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Expand your knowledge of the wildlife of India with this quiz.



Our education guide contains eight chapters focusing on our planet's biodiversity and its conservation. It can be used in natural sciences classes, outdoor education, and for personal interest. It will also be available in Spanish (coming soon). Discover our amazing planet and its fascinating inhabitants!
Education Guide Biomes Ecosystems Habitats Whitehawk Birding
UNIT 1: Biomes, Ecosystems, Habitats & Niches

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Education Guide Wild Things in Wild Places Whitehawk Birding
UNIT 2: Animal Classification, Adaptation & Behavior

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Education Guide Birds Winged Wonders Whitehawk Birding
UNIT 3: Bird Characteristics and special birds of the world

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Education Guide Raptors Whitehawk Birding
UNIT 4: Birds of Prey and their role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem

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Education Guide Migration Whitehawk Birding
UNIT 5: Migration events and the science behind them

Education Guide Plants Whitehawk Birding
UNIT 6: The wonderful world of plants - their adaptations and diversity

Education Guide Earth Cycles Whitehawk Birding
UNIT 7: Life cycles of our planet - water, carbon, and nitrogen

Education Guide Conservation Whitehawk Birding
UNIT 8: Fostering connections with nature for wildlife conservation



These educational videos are designed to highlight themes in the environment, ecosystems, and conservation. They can be used in any learning environment and are suitable for varying grade levels. You can also download their accompanying activity sheets to solidify learning!
African Vultures and poisoning African Vulture crisis Whitehawk Birding
African Vulture Crisis

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California Condor and Lead Poisoning Video Whitehawk Birding
California Condor and Lead

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Identifying Keystone Species Educational Video Whitehawk Birding
Identify Keystone Species

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Nesting Euphonia Video Cover Whitehawk Birding
Nesting Euphonia

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African Vulture Crisis Activity Sheet Whitehawk Birding
African Vulture Crisis Activity Sheet

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California Condor Activity Sheet Whitehwawk Birding
California Condor and Lead Activity Sheet

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Identifying Keystone Species Activity Sheet Whitehawk Birding
Identifying Keystone Species Activity Sheet

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Nesting Euphonia Activity Sheet Cover Image Whitehawk Birding
Nesting Euphonia Activity Sheet

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