Crested Eagle Feeding a Young Harpy Eagle

Interspecific interactions between large forest eagle species are fascinating. Follow this link to read an interesting paper written by one of our colleagues. Learn about a Crested Eagle (Morphnus guianensis) feeding a young Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja), in Darien, Panama.

These two species are among the largest raptors in the Neotropics. They are similar in many ways – in appearance, feeding and breeding habits. Both the Crested Eagle and Harpy Eagle are apex predators in their habitat. They are both rare and sightings are always exciting. Finally, there is still much to learn about both these species. So when interactions between the two species are documented, we learn a little bit more about them. Question arise about how closely related they are, and what were the circumstances to bring this behavior about. We also wonder if this is more common that what we are able to witness in the wild, given these species are so rare.

Both Crested and Harpy Eagles are often at the top of the target lists of many birders. Until recently, it was very difficult to see both these species. Now, the Darien province of Panama has opened up to ecotourism and nests are regularly found and monitored. It is possible to comfortably travel into eastern Panama and visit active nest sites. Contact us for more information on seeing Harpy and Crested Eagles in the wild!

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