The Solitary Eagle

The Solitary Eagle (Harpyhaliaetus solitarius) is one of the least known raptors in the Neotropics. In fact, prior to the Belize Raptor Research Institute’s (BRRI) 2011 discovery of an active nest for this species, only two other nests had been found. Both more than fifty years ago!  Luckily, BRRI researchers discovered this nest before the chick had fledged. As such, they were able to document prey items brought to the nest. They had a chance to observe the young bird wing flap as it got ready to make its first flight. This find will be a great step forward in learning more about the diet, nesting behavior, fledgling dispersal and site fidelity for this species.

There’s no doubt that this poorly known species will continue to be a species of interest in the mountains of Belize and the rest of its fragmented range. We look forward to more ground-breaking research and learning more about the natural history of the Solitary Eagle.

Whitehawk Birdwatching and Conservation offers two tours to Belize. Both tours take you to the Mountain Pine Ridge where we will search for the Solitary Eagle. We will also look for other hard-to-find raptors. A percentage of all profits from our trips to Belize go directly to the Belize Raptor Research Institute.

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