• Next tour dates

    TBD – contact us

  • Duration

    7 days

  • Lodging

    3 – 4 stars

  • Difficulty


  • Group size

    Max. 8 people

  • Price

    USD $3,275 per person

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, even our vacations can turn into non-stop hectic races to get from one place to another, to see as many sights as possible, or to check off as many birds as we can on our life list. Few of us, it seems, ever get the chance to simply be and to enjoy each moment as it comes. We at Whitehawk would like to offer our guests an opportunity to change all that. Therefore, we are designing a series of “ornitherapy” tours – tours that combine a more relaxed outlook on birding with other therapeutic activities such as Yoga and meditation and our Belize Birding and Yoga is the first such trip.

One of the best locations for an ornitherapy tour is the small Caribbean nation of Belize. A small country nestled between Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a land of bright green mangroves and turquoise blue seas; lush tropical jungles and exotic wildlife. Due to its location along key migration routes and its rich biodiversity and varying habitats, Belize is, without a doubt, a birder’s paradise. However, it is also a paradise for anyone interested in hiking, in the exploration of ancient cultures, in wilderness and wildlife observation, and in simple relaxation.

Our Belize Birding and Yoga tour is an 8-day excursion and will be slightly different from a typical birding tour. We will take our time to truly enjoy the beauty and wonder of the birds we do see and will spend some time observing their behavior and learning more about them. Along the way, we will visit breathtaking waterfalls, roaring rivers and winding jungle trails. We will have a chance to see some rare birds such as Orange-breasted Falcon, King Vulture, and Violet Sabrewing, and will look for harder to see species such as Stygian Owl and Black-and-white Hawk Eagle.

Additionally, a certified Yoga instructor will be present throughout the Belize Birding and Yoga tour to provide optional group classes each afternoon when birds and other wildlife are less active. All Yoga activities are included in the price of the tour. Whether you have  a long-standing Yoga practice, or are interested in experiencing Yoga for the first time, we will offer gentle yoga classes that fit everyone’s needs.

Finally, there will be plenty of time for you to explore the forested trails, swim in the cool blue pools of the river, or relax in a beautiful setting, perhaps sipping a cool drink beneath the shade of rainforest trees.

Throughout our journey, we will be staying in some of the most luxurious resorts in the most beautiful settings in the country. Most of them are nestled inside a forest or along a river’s edge – ideal spots for immersion in nature, birding, relaxation, and Yoga!

Belize Birding and Yoga Tour

  • Length: 7 days
  • Maximum number of participants: 8*
  • Single Supplement: US$650
  • Lodging: Luxury hotels, among the best in the region
  • Food: Excellent, with a touch of Caribbean flavor
  • Weather: Cool in the mornings and evenings, hot and humid at midday
  • Difficulty: Easy. Short walks on mostly level surfaces throughout most of the trip

* With smaller groups, an additional fee will be charged.

This trip is ideal for:

  • birders or Yoga enthusiasts traveling with a companion with other interests
  • those who enjoy birding at a slower pace
  • those who would like to maintain a regular, gentle Yoga practice while traveling
  • those who are interested in learning more about birding and Yoga
  • Thousand Foot Falls in Belize’s unique Mountain Pine Ridge, with a drop of 1,600 ft.

  • Green Jay

  • Collared Aracari

  • Azure-crowned Hummingbird

  • Butterfly Falls, tucked away in the Mountain Pine Ridge, is a beautiful oasis

  • Stygian Owl

  • Red-legged Honeycreeper

  • Yoga at Hidden Valley Inn

  • A peaceful rainforest pool

  • Orange-breasted Falcon

  • Caracol Mayan Ruins