Canary Islands Endemics Trip report is out!

One of the Canary Islands Endemics - the Great Spotted WoodpeckerThis just in! We uploaded the Canary Islands Endemics Trip Report. You can find a description of our itinerary and pictures of some of the highlights. One of the best moments of the tour was seeing this Great Spotted Woodpecker of the subspecies canariensis. It is endemic to the island of Tenerife.

You can also find links to eBird lists from our recent Canary Islands endemics trip, which we share to all eBird users that join our tours. This is very convenient to keep track of your lists when traveling on tour, as our tour leaders take care of submitting the lists! By submitting our sightings we are contributing to better knowledge of the abundance and ranges of these birds. These sightings will also contribute to assisting biologists and organizations protecting endangered species.

We hope you like it and that encourages you to join our next tour to the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands is an archipelago of Spain, home to many endemic and regional endemic species. It is a top destination for birders, especially those looking to add endemic species and subspecies to their life lists. Please contact us for more information and we hope to see you soon in the Canary Islands or on any of our birding tours.

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