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Top 10 Birds to See in Bhutan

In Top 10 by Whitehawk Birding

While the land-locked kingdom of Bhutan prides itself on its Gross National Happiness (GNH) one of the most appealing draws to “the land of the thunder dragon” is its birds. Perhaps it’s the enjoyment of …

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Amazing Birds: Fun Owl Facts

In Birding Curiosities by Whitehawk Birding

Owls are fascinating birds. They tuck themselves away during the day and emerge at night to hunt in the darkness. We do not often see them due to their nocturnal lifestyle, but every sighting of …

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The Snow Leopard

In Conservation, Sightings by Whitehawk Birding

The first time I saw a Snow Leopard, I was a young girl visiting the Los Angeles Zoo. I remember being amazed by its spotted fur, light eyes, and, most of all, its long, powerful …