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  • Amazing Birds: Fun Owl Facts

    Amazing Birds: Fun Owl Facts

    Owls are fascinating birds. They tuck themselves away during the day and emerge at night to hunt in the darkness. We do not often see them due to their nocturnal lifestyle, but every sighting of an owl becomes a memory not soon forgotten. We often think of owls as mysterious creatures, but the truth is,…

  • Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle

    Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle

    Probably one of the most striking of the Neotropical birds of prey, and one of the most difficult to observe perched, is the Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle (Spizaetus melanoleucus). We can find this raptor species throughout a large part of tropical America, from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. Unlike the Black Hawk-Eagle and Ornate Hawk-Eagle, the Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle does not tend to vocalize as much…