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  • Duration

    9 days

  • Lodging

    3-4 star

  • Difficulty


  • Group size

    Max. 8 people

  • Price

    TBD (contact us for pricing)

Nestled in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is composed of two main islands and close to 600 other smaller islands. Due to its remoteness and geographic isolation, highly diverse and unique animal and plant life has evolved here.

From the snow-covered Southern Alps to the very active Taupo Volcano Zone, this nation encompasses a huge variety of ecosystems and endemism. Over 80% of this nation’s vascular plants are endemic. It’s lack of native mammalian predators has allowed several flightless, endemic birds to evolve, including the incredible kiwi. But this abundant diversity isn’t only found on land. The waters around New Zealand are ripe with marine mammals including fur seals and cetaceans.

During this 9-day New Zealand Birding Tour we will get to experience just a taste of what this highly diverse country has to offer. With our focus on the native bird life, we will explore the diverse landscapes, enjoy beautiful scenery and learn about the culture of the island as we search for some of the country’s most iconic species.

  • South Island Wren New Zealand

    South Island Wren by Brent Stephenson

  • Wrybill New Zealand

    Wrybill by Brent Stephenson

  • Blue Duck New Zealand

    Blue Duck by Brent Stephenson

  • Albatross New Zealand

    Albatross by Brent Stephenson


Guide: Yeray Seminario
Single Supplement: TBD
Lodging: Nice, clean and comfortable with private bath
Food: Hearty local and international cuisine
Weather: Warm temperatures during the day. A jacket or sweater is recommended for evenings.
Difficulty: Moderate. We will be doing some walks, but at a gentle pace, and some days will require long hours driving on bumpy roads and boat rides on open water.

* With smaller groups, an additional fee will be charged.

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