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We have the benefit of living in an age of ever-innovating technology. For all of us nature lovers, there are now many ways to bring the outdoors, along with the enjoyment it brings, into our homes. While nothing is really the same as being in the great outdoors, one of the ways we can enjoy nature from indoors is to watch a wildlife webcam. Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and other nature conservation organizations have installed high-resolution webcams with live, real-time feeds on a wide variety of wildlife.

A Ruffed Grouse visits a bird feeding station in northern Ontario, Canada

They allow us to see new species, watch interesting behaviors, and learn even more about wildlife every day, all from the comfort of our homes. Many are placed in situations that would be difficult for us to observe in nature on a regular basis, such as inside a bird’s nest or a remote location. Others, such as feeder cams, bring us the same enjoyment that having feeders in our own backyards provides.

There are dozens and dozens of nature cams offering live streams online, via dedicated websites or on YouTube. Here are some that are worth checking out while you enjoy some nature from inside your home.

Feeder Cams

Feeding birds in your yard is a great way to connect with nature at home. However, for those living in apartments, or if other circumstances do not allow you to have a feeder set up, watching feeder cams provide great entertainment on your tv or computer. There are a few that are particularly interesting. Cornell Lab of Ornithology has live streams on some unique and fun feeders to watch, taking us from the cold North down to tropical Central America! Check out the following feeder cams:

Canopy Lodge Feeder Cam (Panama)
Ontario FeederWatch Cam
Cornell FeederWatch Cam
West Texas Hummingbird Feeders

For something a little different, try checking out these feeder cams at night. You may be surprised what nocturnal visitors you might find! Watch the Panama Fruit Feeder cam live, here:

Nest Cams

Nest Cams offer us the fantastic chance to see what happens during a bird’s delicate nesting period. Whether it is an open stick nest used by Ospreys or eagles, to cavity- and crevice-nesting birds where they are truly out of view, nest cams really let us appreciate all the hard work that birds do to reproduce and raise their young. There are other benefits, too. It allows researchers to watch nest behavior of species at risk without direct disturbance. Some even offer us the opportunity to get involved and share our observations. What is more amazing than seeing a baby bird hatch out of its egg?! Here are some amazing nest cams currently streaming live from around the world. Many are seasonal but even after chicks fledge, some continue to remain active.

WBU Barred Owl Cam
Bermuda Petrels
Red-tailed Hawks
Savannah Ospreys
Northern Royal Albatross
Decorah Bald Eagles
Great Horned Owl Cam
Peregrine Falcon Cam
Eurasian Eagle-Owl Cam (Germany)
White Stork Nest Cam (Germany)

Check out other Cornell Lab Bird Cams and as there are others that will be coming on live in the coming months. Watch American Kestrels, California Condors, White-tailed Tropicbirds and much more.

Wildlife Habitat Cams

Through some wildlife webcams, you can transport yourself to some of the great wildlife-viewing sites around the world. From a watering hole in Africa, to watching the great bird migration in the Americas, these live streams provide hours of at-home entertainment! Here are just a few, but visit to see a lot more.

Sapsucker Woods Pond Cam
Oliphant River, South Africa
Nkorho Bush Lodge, South Africa
Mississippi River Flyway Cam

While the possibilities of what to watch on live nature cams seem endless – for something a little different, check out the Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights cam streaming live from Churchill, Manitoba! Technology has definitely found many ways to bring nature into our homes without leaving the comfort of our living rooms. These wildlife webcams, as well as so many others out there, can be an unending source of entertainment, and a great way to practice ornitherapy, too. Want to get to know more about some of these cameras? Feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Stay inside and enjoy nature!
~ The Whitehawk Team