As a tranquilliser, birdwatching may be as effective as any drug, but cheaper and safer than many

— Robin A F Cox

Recently, more and more scientific evidence shows that spending time in nature can be very beneficial to our health. Spending even a few minutes in a forest, a beach, or the mountains can help improve mood and the ability to focus on tasks. And integrating the outdoors into learning environments helps improve cognitive development, motor skills, and attention spans.

Therefore birding, an activity usually carried out in a natural setting, can also help to relieve stress and promote relaxation. At the same time, it requires one’s consistent attention and helps improve concentration. The term ornitherapy – the healing power of birding in nature – used for the first time by Robin A.F. Cox in a letter he wrote for the British Medical Journal in 1974, stems from this principle.

With this in mind, we offer “ornitherapy tours” for those seeking a more relaxed pace while birding and who wish to spend more time with each species, observing their behavior, studying the details of their plumage, or learning about their calls.

Ornitherapy tours combine birding with other therapeutic activities, such as optional yoga and meditation. These trips are ideal for those who would like to use their precious vacation time to heal from the stress and strain that everyday life can put on our minds and our bodies or for those who may wish to travel with a spouse, friend or partner who isn’t as avid a birder. Either way, an ornitherapy tour will provide you and your travel partners with a rewardable, enjoyable birding and vacation experience.

Contact us if you want to know more about our Ornitherapy tours and how we can arrange it for you and your group.